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'Wilderness' vs 'Remote' First Aid courses:

There is no real difference between these two types of courses other than the name. Wilderness is an international term that has been used for over 30 years and since early 90's when Wilderness First Aid became popular in Australia we have adopted the same term. Australian's have always used the term Remote as it describes all the vast isolated areas 'on' and 'off' shore of Australia. Also the word wilderness restricts us to a view of only bushland where remote is so much broader. The main thing to know is courses are highlighted around gaining knowledge and skills to assisst the patient long term care where medical assistance is more than 1-2 hours away.

Since the introduction of the 'Wilderness First Aid Skill Set' the Outdoor Industry has considered it a standard to be acheived by Outdoor Leaders. These competencies from the Sport, Fitness and Recreation Training Package meet competency requirements for Wilderness First Aid and will be utilised as the basis for the registration requirements of programs like the National Outdoor Leader Registration Scheme (NOLRS)


Our courses

As Wilderness First Aid Australia primarily runs programs for organisations in Australia we only have a select number of public courses available per year. Most of the organisations we run training for will allow a number of external participant positions hence why we advertise positions available with certain courses. If you do not see a course on the calendar that suits your dates do not hesitate to contact the office to enquire whether we have some positions on unadvertised courses.

Unfortunately, only 60 percent of our courses make it to the website.



Wilderness First Aid Australia is proud to be partnered with one of the leading TAFE providers in Victoria, Australian Institute of Leadership and Safety (AILS). Through this partnership we are able to offer a good range of short courses including Urban, Wilderness and Customised first aid.

Our range of Wilderness First Aid courses meet the industry requirements for the new 'Wilderness First Aid Skill Set' derived from both Sport, Fitness and Recreation and Health Training Packages.

After successful completion of the Wilderness First Aid Skill Set participants will gain five units credit towards the HLT21015 Certificate II in Medical Service First Response.

Be reassured that along with the high standard of training provided by WFAA and the strong partnership we have with WIOT you will be recieving the right qualification for the Outdoor Industry.


Our Instructors

Our instructors range from professional outdoor educators, urban EMT’s, Intensive Care Paramedics, Nurses, Ski Patrollers and Guides. The breadth of knowledge and experience covers a wide variety of areas with many years of patient management experience in all types of environments.


Course types:

We have a range of courses to suit individual and organisation's needs. Courses are based on specific a number of things i.e. hours, days, qualification requirements. Courses we have on offer are:

Basic Remote First Aid (16 hours) 2 days

Remote First Aid (28 hours) 3 days

Wilderness First Aid (50 hours) 5 days

Leaders Wilderness Advanced First Aid – LWFA (60 hours) 7 days

LWFA/WFR recertification (28 hours) 3 days

Remote Area Medic-Basic (RAM-B) (100 hrs) 9 days (formally Wilderness First Responder)

Custom courses


For the list of Units of Competency each course contains please contact the office on 03 9005 7172 or [email protected] for further information.


Make a booking

When making a booking please contact the office directly by using the 'Contact Us' page on the website as from time to time the office is unnattended due to the nature of the business and at times having no means of communication. You can followup via phone and talk with someone in the office or leave a message for a return call. We are honest in saying email is your best option.

We do not recommend any potential student makes any logistic arrangements until they have received an 'official' final email confirming that a course will be running. As there has been rare cases where a course has been cancelled by WFAA due to lower than expected numbers or a Host cancellation.

WFAA will not be responsible for any financial losses in this instance.Though WFAA will reimburse any student who has accrued 'out of pocket' expenses after WFAA has confirmed a course as running.


Waiting Lists

Our waiting lists work on a 'first come, first served' scenario. As our courses book out quickly we do often open up a 'waiting list' allowing potential students to have a chance at attending their first choice of course. We also allow participants to place their name on other courses in line of preference and try to work closely to accommodate the best suited course.


Course Payments

We ask for a deposit for your course eight (8) weeks out from commencement to secure your position. We then email you the final payment invoice approximately four (4) weeks out with 7 days to pay in full. If not paid within 7 days you unfortunately jeopardise your position to those on the 'waiting list'. WFAA will not be responsible for those losing their position due to non payment. Wilderness courses are very expensive to run and the organisation cannot afford to have people cancel at 'last minute'.


Cancellation Policy

Where a course is cancelled by WFAA a 'FULL REFUND' will be given to your nominated account.

Where a participant chooses to cancel their position the refund policy is as follows:

4-6 weeks from commencement of course "FULL REFUND'

2-4 weeks from commencement of the course '50% REFUND'

0-2 weeks from commencement of the course 'NO REFUND'

EXCEPTIONS: When a course is marked 'FULL' and a student is still wanting to 'cancel' and can find their own replacement or WFAA has a student on the 'Waiting List' that can take your position WFAA will provide a FULL refund in 'good faith' after course commencement.

COVID-19 Exceptions: The Refund Policy will become null and void in any case where a student contacts Wilderness First Aid Australia with a doctors certificate stating that a student is currently waiting a result from a COVID-19 test, is suffering signs and symptom of COVID-9 or has been ordered to self-isolate due to being tested 'positive' to the Corona Virus.

Deciding last minute not to attend a training course has large financial consequences on WFAA is not a valid excuse for requesting a refund. Throughout this pandemic we are asking students NOT to book on a program if they are uncomfortable with the current pandemic.

PLEASE NOTE: ALL cancellations need to be in writing or via email using the initial booking email address. This ensures no one else is cancelling your position.


Course transfers

In a case where a student was able to attend their original course due to health reasons a course transfer is available. A transfer is only available where a student has met the above requirements when notifying the WFAA office in writing or via approved email path accompanied with a medical certifcate. Your transfer course needs to be booked, confirmed and approved within 3 months of your 'original' course. The Transfer Fee is $150 plus any extra costs (venue, accommodation, catering fees) associated with your new course will need to be paid before you can attend.

NOTE: If you fail to notify the office before the course commences, you automatically forfeit your fees and NO course transfer is available.

FURTHER NOTE: A transfer is not automatic. Most WFAA courses are booked out well in advance and if you do not choose a new course shortly after missing your original course you may miss out. Unfortunately, this means you have forfeited your initial course fees. WFAA does not offer credits for students to book on programs as they please.


Course Credits

WFAA DOES NOT offer credits to students who miss their course or do not turn up. ALL students will need to refer to the Cancellation and Course Transfer policies above.


Administration fees

WFAA only has one administration fee of $150 if students do not adhere to the any of the guidelines above on 'TRANSFERS' and 'CANCELLATIONS' Meaning if you decide to transfer from your original course to another course and pay the transfer fee, then decide to transfer a second time you will be charged again.

Reasons WFAA have time frames is we cannot replace students at short notice due to the logistics of these specialised programs. Unless, its due to personal health reasons students are commited to attending the program. If a student later decides to cancel all together transfer fees are forfeited along with their original booking fees.


In Australia students are required to recertify their qualifications every three years and recertify their CPR every 12 months. WFAA adopts the same outlook as to be sure students are kept up with the latest first aid knowlege and skills.

As we know there are many good first aid providers in Australia we do not mandate that CPR is recertified with us BUT do want to ensure it recertified with a reputable company with the right accreditations.


Issuing of certificates

On successful completion and full payment of your course you will receive your certificate within approximately 4 weeks (28 days). At certian times this could take slightly longer with most certificates arriving within 5-6 weeks. This is due to the nature of our remote programs and the time taken to recieve course paperwork back to the office which can take 7 days. In circumstances where a student requires their certificate earlier a 'Verification Letter' can be drafted outling your acheivement and emailed to you.

Lost certificates

In unfortunate circumstances where a student has lost/misplaced their original certificate a replacement can be issued at a cost of $75 inc. GST. Where the original is not required WFAA can provide you a PDF copy at no extra cost.