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Nov 24, 2014

'Remote' vs 'Wilderness' First Aid Training

What is 'Wilderness' and/or 'Remote' First Aid?

Category: General
Posted by: WFAA

There are many question surrounding what is 'Remote First Aid' and what is 'Wilderness First Aid' training Outdoor Leaders require. We'll attempt to clear it up. The term 'wilderness' is commonly used internationally and is where this type of training originated over 30 years ago. When wildernes first aid became popular in Australia in the early 90's it made sense to adopt similar terms. The commonly used term in Australia is 'Remote' but in all we are taliking about the same thing, an environment more than one to two hours away from definitive medical care.

Anyone or any training organisation can name their courses Remote, Wilderness, Survival, etc. they can offer all sorts of Units of Competency they see fit BUT do not be caught up in names of courses, length of courses, Units of Competency, etc. Take the time to investigate the type of course that best suits you or your organisation to acheive the desired skills, knowlege and outcomes that assist with developing strong long term patient care.

Let's face it, when you head bush, paddle wild rivers, climb those narly rocks you put yourselves in dangerous environments with potential for injury and illnesses. Good training will stand you in good stead to deal with those unexpected incidents.

To assist the individual or organisation with what you may require, the Australian Government released the ‘SISSS00108 Wilderness First Aid’ National Skill Set which provides a suggested standard across the outdoor industry.