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Nov 24, 2014

Questions on Wilderness First Aid Training

WFA Accredited Training

Category: General
Posted by: WFAA

Just a small 'News Bulletin' on Accredited Wilderness First Aid training. 'Make it simple'. There is quite a growing number of wilderness/remote first aid training companies in Australia offering some really good instruction. Be wary of claims such as we can't re-accredit your qualification or you are spending thousands on non-industry standard courses. It's rubbish! Don't mix 'industry standard' and 'competency standard' together. They are two different things.

We have all probably attended a 'non-accredited' course before and it was one of the best you've attended. We've even paid a little higher price for it because of the instructor/presenters experience BUT it didn't matter because we acheived the outcomes we wanted. You may have even delved further and found the instructor may not of been accredited themself? Would it of changed your course selection? Well it does open up the can of worms of 'experience' vs 'qualifications'? I know I would prefer and experienced instructor/organisation with years behind them in the industry rather than new ones that hold the right qualifications (competencies) that have only been around a short time.

We live in a competency based training system and participants who hold WFA non-accredited training qualifications from reputable organisation nationally and internationally should not be at a disadvantage. There are RPL systems in place with most organisations to assist you. When attending courses always keep your certificates so they can be assessed when upgrading, recertifying, etc. It will make it easier.

When choosing a WFA Provider research their background, experience, instructor base, courses and time in the industry. There's now a larger choice.

If you are still unsure phone or email the training provider to ensure you get the answers you require.